Solar Products

100L, 110L & 150L Gravity fed low pressure systems

This is the best system specially designed for RDP housing and staff quarters.


150L, 200L & 250L High pressure direct systems

Another perfect system specially designed for RDP housing and staff quarters.


150L & 200L High pressure Indirect Systems

This system is designed for domestic family houses and has a higher water output.


150L, 200L & 250L Split Pumped Systems

This system is aesthetically approved for body corporate and eco parks.


Heat pumps - 0.8kw, 1.75kw & Industrial Type Heat Pump

Ideal for complexes where solar systems are not suitable. Boilers in hostels and shower rooms can be converted to heatpump energy. Saves 70%


Conversions of Electrical to Solar Powered systems for houses

Hot water & Electrical Please contact us for information on any of these energy saving systems


Thinking Green

We also offer:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • UPS Systems/Battery Banks
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structures
  • Solar Cable and Accessories
  • Solar Bore Hole Pumps
  • Solar Pool Heating
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • High Pressure Solar Geysers
  • Low Pressure Solar Geysers
  • Gas Geysers and Hobs
  • Heatpumps